Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Favorite Books

In grade school my favorite series of books were "Frog and Toad". Not sure why but, every trip to the school library I just had to check one out. To this day I still collect frogs and have several of them displayed in my living room. Kermit the Frog was my all time favorite and childhood hero! I was always so jelous of that damn Miss Piggy!

Where the Sidewalk Ends - by Shel Silverstein is another one of my favorites. I still own a hard cover copy of this book. I think this is when my love of poetry bloomed. I think everyone should own a copy of this book.

Maybe around the 4th grade is when I read this book. Super Fudge - by Judy Blume. I still have my original paperback copy from when I was in grade school.

In JR. High I was into the "Flowers In The Attic" series -by V.C. Andrews. Many years after I read the series they made a movie about it. When you read a book you use your imagination to invison the characters and their surroundings. The movie was nothing like I had pictured so it was very disapointing to me.

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