Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pray for Luke


Please say a special prayer for Luke and his mother, my dear friend Heather tonight.
Luke was recently diagnosed with toxic synovitis and doctors think he may have a tumor on his femur after an Xray that was done today. A CT Scan will be done tomorrow. I will follow up with news then.

UPDATE 10/03/07

Heather took Luke for his CT Scan this morning and they are now saying what they found is not a tumor on his femur. Luke will be having surgery tomorrow morning at 6:30 am. They are going to drain fluid from his hip to see what is causing his pain.

Heather is still confused as to why Luke is limping and having pain. There is no sign of it being a bacterial infection and if it were only a viral infection they say he should have been better by now.

Heather said, "if you were to see Luke you would never know there was anything wrong with him." He is playing, eating, giving her a hard time and just being himself! Heather says she thinks that is a good sign but, still feels that what Luke is going through is still a mystery to be solved.

UPDATE: 10/04/07

Luke had the CT Scan yesterday and the doctors confirmed it wasn’t a tumor on his femur. Luke had surgery this morning. They took some fluid from his hip and now are back to the first diagnosis of toxic synovitis.

Luke's mother Heather said, "This is still a mystery to me but I am so thankful to know its not cancer or anything bad!"

UPDATE: 10/23/07

I received a wonderful text message today from Heather, Luke's mother. It said... "We just left Luke's Doctor's office and everything is perfect! The doctor said they should pretend it never happened! I will update again if I get more details from Heather as I want to find out if he is still going to have to deal with the first diagnosis of toxic synovitis.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to thank you for all your thoughts and prayers! You are such a special person, always going the extra mile for EVERYONE! Thank you again for being a part of our life!
Love and Friendship
Always and Forever