Sunday, June 24, 2007

Isa Bella Mia

Back in Mid May of 2006 Isabella Mia found her way to our front door step. She looked to be approximately 9 or 10 months old at that time. She was extremely friendly, healthy looking, and very clean. She was so clean that she didn’t appear to have been out doors longer than that day. She was wearing a collar with a cute little bell on it so we knew she belonged to someone.

One week later she was still coming to our home to be fed so we decided it was time to keep her safe and start taking care of her. We welcomed her into our home so that we could make all efforts to keep her clean, fed, and free of fleas and or ear mites until we could find her original owners.

Approximately two months later she was still with us because we could not locate her original family. We started to notice that she was gaining a lot of weight and to our surprise we discovered she was pregnant. We gave her a safe haven to have her babies which were born on July 5th 2006. She was such a good mother to her litter of five!

We were able to find homes for all of her five babies. Four of the kittens went to families I found and the fifth was adopted through the help of Love-A-Stray.

More than a year later Bella is still with us and has been spayed so she can't suprise us with more kittens!
We named her Isabella Mia and for several reasons. Isa-bella because she arrived at our door step wearing a “bell” that let us know when she was around and we thought that sounded fitting for that reason. Then we added Mia to that because of “Bella” meaning beautiful in Italian, and “Mia” meaning mine, “Bella Mia = My Beautiful!”

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