Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eclectic Collecting

I have an assortment of different unrelated items that I like to collect. Not because of their value or history but mostly just because I like them. If I see something I like I usually buy it. From frog statues or figurines to Eifell Towers and art tiles, I usually always find something unique that I call a "must have!"
I will admit that I do have a shopping addiction that usually ends in an empty bank account.
A friend once said to me that I like "useless trinkets" and yes, they are right, because sometimes what I buy I don't actually need and in some cases ends up unused and stored away in a drawer or unknown location of my home. The fun part is weeks or months later I find that item by accident and it's like getting something new all over again!
The one thing I will not do is charge on credit cards just to have something. I don't believe in credit card debt so if I don't have the cash I don't buy it immediately. I must admit that I do receive some of my collected items via gifts from friends and family, and hey, that's ok because I LOVE presents! Who doesn't!

The biggest collection I have and the most cherished thus far are my Sid Dickens Memory Blocks. I received my first two as gifts in December of 2006 and ever since I have been obsessed with them! I currently have 38 in my collection. (UPDATE: As of August 2008, I now have 38 in all!!!)

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