Saturday, September 29, 2007

PC For Paige Update


Paige will be celebrating her Sweet 16
on October 12th.

Paige has a birthday wish and I think you all know what it is!
Lets all take a moment and make the same wish in Paige's Honor.

The bone marrow transplant coordinator contacted Paige's mother Tina today (9/19/07) with the following update:
  • A specific match for a bone marrow donor has been found!!!!!
  • The donor is a 23 year old male who the doctors say is a GOOD match for Paige!
  • He has the same blood type as Paige so her blood type will remain the same. Tina said Paige is very happy about that!
  • They are sending Paige to the dentist soon to have a complete cleaning and checkup to make sure there are no potential problems that could flare up during the transplant or recovery.
  • She will have some additional blood work done on the day they go for the final marrow check to make sure nothing else stands in the way of the transplant process.
  • Paige will celebrate her 16th birthday on the 12th and then three days after that the whole process of curing her Leukemia will start.
  • She will be admitted for the treatment on the 15th.
  • She will get chemotherapy treatments unlike she has ever had before. The chemotherapy that she will receive leading up to the day of the transplant will be to wipe out every bit of her bone marrow she has in her body.
  • The scheduled day for the bone marrow transport will be on October 26th.
  • She will be in isolation for many weeks after that and have a stay at the hospital anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks.
  • After that time they will transfer her to the Ronald McDonald house (on campus) where she will be there for another up to possibly 10 weeks. They won't be able to go home because she needs to be as close to the hospital as possible in case she needs immediate treatment.

Thank you everyone for all your prayers!

UPDATE 9/29/07

Instead of being admitted on the 15th....she will be admitted on the 19th.

(You can read more about Paige's story below in an earlier post.)

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