Saturday, September 29, 2007

NO BUBBA, Maybe Baby

For some strange reason my lover seems to think
"Bubba" is a cute nickname for me... Well I am here to announce how much I dislike that nickname. I have always thought that a nickname such as Bubba would be more appropriate for a beer belly hillbilly rather than using it to refer to me, a brunette Italian woman.
I figured I had better do some research to show my lover when a person should be refered to as a Bubba. I was a little shocked at my findings. In (an online encyclopedia) I found something I didn't expect to read.
"Bubba has also developed into a proper noun, used as a term of endearment, to describe someone who is especially lovable, adorable, etc. Also used to identify someone's significant other (i.e "She's my Bubba". It is said to have evolved from the word 'baby',
I guess he must think I am lovable and maybe possibly even adorable, wink wink. I never imagined that the word (name) Bubba could also mean "baby." Funny thing... My lover also calls me "Baby."

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